Why Choose Vokey Consulting.

At Vokey Consulting our practice focuses on ensuring client sustainability in MES and the support of MES for Enterprise processes. Understanding how and why MES supports the different business processes can have wide reaching influence on cross-functional programs. Vokey Consulting can help your company understand the way MES influences business optimization and how to interpret the relationship between the physical world on the production floor and the virtual world that represents your production floor. With that understanding, Operations can have better visibility of their production floor capabilities and Product Engineering can have a better understanding of product design in relation to DFM (Design For Manufacturing).

Our consultants bridge the gap between the understanding of manufacturing processes and the data that is used to drive it.

By separating activities into business deliverables, we can guide you in developing a strategic plan to bring your two worlds together and ensure that your production staff have the right information at the right time. Then we can help manage the program of transition while implementing your plan. In the end, you will have greater confidence in your virtual world and the information it provides, leading to better insight to how your manufacturing is performing and this leads to better decision making.

Let Vokey Consulting help you set the direction for your MES program and help keep you on the right path.